5 minutes
Mastered on DVCAM

A collaborative work by Peter Byrne and Carole Woodlock: image, animation and editing; and,
Ethan Borshansky: music score.

Thereabouts is a reflection on landscape and memory. In this experimental video the artists create a layered visual journey. The sound weaves through the imagery, presenting an intimate encounter that punctuates and shifts ones sense of balance. An inquiry into the physical presence of the screen and gesture, this work uses erasure and color to evoke reflection and contemplation on memory and space. The imagery was created through the use of multiple sources: live action sequences, ink drawings on paper, and digital imagery.

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Reviewing “thereabouts” for The Not Still Art International Screening Carol Goss writes:

“The Not Still Art International Screening opened with “thereabouts”, a subtle yet tour de force piece by animators Peter Byrne and Carole Woodlock with Ethan Borshansky’s music.  “thereabouts” suggests much and confirms little – the aerial shots could be Iraq or a weekend hike.  The dynamic movement between abstraction and realism is powerful.  Borshansky’s sound pushes you forward, then it retreats, erasing something – but you’re not sure what.  There is something important happening here, but it’s at a subliminal level which leaves you in suspense.”